The best family hotels in Turkey: looking for the hotel of your dreams

The best family hotels in Turkey: looking for the hotel of your dreams

Speaking of a trip to Turkish resorts, the thought immediately arises of a family vacation, during which you can be close to loved ones and not think about everyday problems. In an effort to find the best family hotels in Turkey, most Russians face some difficulties, namely:

    which resort to give preference to, because there are excellent options almost everywhere: in Side, Belek, Alanya, Antalya, Kemer, etc .; is it worth booking online or is it wiser to contact a travel agency; what dates to plan a trip for, so as not to fall into the peak of price increases and at the same time fully experience the unique local atmosphere that reigns in the hot season; how to find a good inexpensive family hotel 4, 5 stars in Turkey; What to look for when choosing a place to live.

The variety of hotel complexes allows you to find what you need quickly enough. True, there may be many more suitable options than you need. Where to stay will be affected by the age and number of children, the duration of the trip and the time of year, the requirements for the room and territory of the hotel, as well as the financial capabilities of the family.

Turkey's Best Family Hotels: Looking for the Hotel of Your Dreams

Mac Hotels Cozy Baby Pool

We've compiled a list of the best family hotels in Turkey to make your final choice easy. But first, a couple of tips to follow in order not to make a mistake:

    do not rush to make a final decision, let alone make a reservation, without having studied all the suitable options; be careful and use only trusted hotel booking services, such as Booking, Agoda or Hotels; choose the best family hotel in Turkey in advance – postponing the search for accommodation, you risk that all really good options will be sorted out or there will be no tickets for the dates you need; always read reviews and compare prices on different sites – there are special online aggregators for this; look at the pictures and consult with relatives, after all, you are going on vacation together, which means that everyone should like the hotel.

The best family hotels in Turkey: looking for the hotel of your dreams

Pre-planned holidays with children in a family hotel

The best family hotels in Turkey with 5 stars: rating

< p>Considering the rather high requirements for places intended for the stay of not only adults, but also kids, it is understandable why most tourists ask for advice on a good family hotel in Turkey with 5 stars. This accommodation option allows you not to worry about the safety and organization of the child's leisure, because the administration has taken care of this. Five-star hotels have a mini-club, full-time nannies, children's animators, and often offer a separate menu for kids and special shallow pools for water activities.

The best family hotels in Turkey: looking for the hotel of your dreams

Children's playroom in the family hotel KB Collection Hotels & Resorts

The first in the ranking are:

    Ela Quality Resort 5 * in Belek – is located in one of the most prestigious areas and is the best suited for a secluded holiday with the family. Rixos Premium Tekirova 5 * in Kemer – has been operating since 2014 and pleases with a huge amount of entertainment for children of all ages. There is a cinema, a separate beach for kids and a children's restaurant. Otium Eco Club 5 * – a spacious hotel complex with a huge park seven kilometers from Side. The hotel occupies more than 3.3 thousand square meters and is suitable for living even with very small children. Xanadu Resort Hotel 5 * – over the course of two years of operation, the hotel has gained an excellent reputation among couples with children, offering a full range of services for parents and their beloved children, including a room for mother and child, a dedicated area for daytime games, water attractions, separate tables in restaurant with a variety of dishes. Akka Antedon Hotel 5 * – located on the very coast of the Mediterranean Sea, pleases guests with an abundance of palm trees, playgrounds and pools with mini slides.

The best family hotels in Turkey: looking for the hotel of your dreams

Aquafitness – entertainment for the whole family at the Mac Hotels family hotel

Other good 4 and 5 star family hotels in Turkey

Quite Family hotels such as Limak Limra Hotel &amp; Resort 5, Adora Golf Resort 5, Amara Prestige 5. As an alternative, for example, if all the rooms in the hotels listed above are occupied, we suggest Ali Bey Resort 5, Sentido Turan Prince 5 and Q Aventura Park Hotel 5.

If you are looking for inexpensive family hotels in Turkey with a good beach, we recommend that you study the descriptions of 4-star hotels. The range of entertainment they offer is somewhat smaller, but prices are 10-20 percent lower. Of the proven options – Tui Blue Sarigerme Park 4 and Julian Club Hotel 4.

Read also the rating of the best 5-star hotels in Turkey and plan your vacation in this sunny country.

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