Sights of Yalta: Top-27

Yalta Attractions: Top 27

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If you are interested in the sights of Yalta, carefully study our review. We will tell you about what every tourist should see in Yalta, and what monuments of culture and history will make your trip to the sunny city unforgettable.

What to see in Yalta first of all?

When compiling our rating “the best sights of Yalta”, we took into account the reviews and recommendations of experienced guides. In our common opinion, first of all, tourists should pay attention to such excursions in Yalta as:

1. Swallow's Nest

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

The Swallow's Nest castle on a sheer 40-meter Aurora rock Cape Ai-Todor

Gothic castle, 12 meters high. The medieval palace is decorated with lancet narrow windows, battlements and a rounded tower with spiers. Guides in Yalta like to talk about the fact that the building got its current appearance thanks to Baron Steingel in the 20th century: he wished to give the city an architectural masterpiece reminiscent of German castles.

Official website:

2. Livadia Palace

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

The landscape park and the Livadia Palace made of white marble of the early 20th century

The snow-white and incredibly beautiful manor in the style of the Italian Renaissance was formerly the favorite summer residence of Nicholas II. The date of construction is 1911. The front part, stretching along the park area, has a noticeable asymmetry. Elegant and airy interiors are represented by arcades of arches, columns and openwork moldings with floral ornaments. The adjacent territory is reserved for a chic garden with alleys, fountains and gazebos.

Official website: http://Livadia Palace

3. Kichkine Palace (dacha)

< img title="Yalta Attractions: Top 27" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-jalty-top-27-1caa136.jpg" alt="Yalta Attractions: Top 27" />< /p> Palace (cottage) of Kichkin in Yalta against the backdrop of the greenery of century-old cypresses Spider death

In previous years, the heir of Nicholas I, Prince Romanov, lived in the palace. But as a private estate, the building existed only for a few years. As a result of the revolution, it ended up in the possession of the Bolsheviks. At the time of the USSR, a sanatorium complex was equipped here.

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4. Dyulber Palace

Yalta Attractions: Top 27

A fountain and fan palms in front of the snow-white building of the Dulber Palace with blue ornaments

Like many other important sights of Yalta, Dulber is a majestic palace. The architectural style is Moorish. The facade of the elongated snow-white building is decorated with oriental colored mosaics and blue ornaments, arched windows and balconies, battlements and silvery domes. The house rises and is surrounded by a beautiful garden with firs, palms, junipers and cypresses. The square has a swimming pool, a gazebo and a fountain. Be sure to pay attention to the stone wall covered with ivy near Dulber – in the decorative niche you will see the initials of the former owners of the castle.

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5. Gaspra Palace

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Magnificent park around the gothic Gaspra Palace with two crenellated towers in Yalta ru:User:GennadyL

Your trip to Yalta should certainly include a visit to this wonderful castle with elements of Gothic and European romanticism. Until the middle of the 19th century, the territory was in the possession of the Golitsyn family, later S. Panina became its mistress. It was the countess who ordered the palace to be rebuilt and expanded.

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Watch the beautiful views of Yalta in this breathtaking video!

6. Vorontsov Palace

Yalta Attractions: Top 27

Flowerbeds with roses on the southern terraces of the Vorontsov Palace

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Front dining room of the palace Priest Maxim Massalitin

If you do not know what to see in Yalta in 1 day, go to the summer residence of Count Vorontsov. You will see a graceful palace, built in a variety of styles of architecture – from the East to the Gothic. The building with graceful thin columns and carvings, minarets and high arches, walls with battlements and clear vertical ledges has no less remarkable interiors. The interior decoration is represented by antique candlesticks, flowerpots, carpets and tapestries, statues and paintings, unique pieces of furniture. The date of construction of the palace is the 19th century. The surrounding area is a subtropical park complex with sculptures, fountains, open areas and ponds.

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7. Yusupov Palace

 Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Pond in the palace and park complex of the Yusupov Palace in Yalta Yulia Solovieva

The building of the beginning of the 20th century, formerly owned by the Yusupov family. During the revolution, the building was handed over to the authorities of the USSR, and became a recreation center for the Soviet elite. The front part is made in a monumental and strict Neo-Romanesque style: square windows with architraves, colonnades, arched galleries, limestone walls. A separate discussion deserves a local park with acacias, arborvitae, cypresses and palm trees. On the territory there are several artificial reservoirs, fountains and alleys, marble sculptures depicting mythical characters and lions. The Yusupov Palace can be surely included in your list of things to visit in Yalta.

Official website: http://yusupov-dvorec

8. Massandra Palace

 Sights of Yalta: Top-27

One of the facades of the Massandra Palace in the French style of the era of Louis XIII

The palace is located in Upper Massandra near the city. The building, three floors high, built in the 20th century, was supposed to become the residence of the royal family. However, this did not happen. The house is surrounded by sculptural compositions, staircases and flower beds. The terraces are decorated with flowerpots and a stone balustrade. Secular trees grow on landscaped areas. Of particular architectural interest is the facade of the palace with decorative ornaments, chimneys, balconies, columns and a large number of turrets lined with yellow tiles. As well as many other main attractions of Yalta, which we briefly talked about, this one has a fabulous view.

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< h3> 9. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky – the main Orthodox cathedral of Yalta

An Orthodox church surrounded by palm and evergreen coniferous trees. The building was built in honor of Alexander II. The majestic church is made in pink, yellow and white colors. On the mosaic panel you can see a portrait of Alexander Nevsky. The pilasters, hipped porch and gilded domes also cause delight for visitors to the temple. The interior is represented by unique paintings, frescoes and icons.

10. Foros Church

Yalta Attractions: Top 27

View of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Forosskaya) from the Baidar Gate Kiyanka

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Iconostasis of the Church of the Resurrection of Christ over Foros by Nikolai Mazepa

The construction of the temple began after the amazing rescue of the imperial family in a train crash. Subsequently, the church was closed, taking valuables from there. The building was given over to a restaurant, after which it was empty and fell into disrepair. And only in 1992 the Ukrainian authorities decided to reconstruct the historical architectural masterpiece.

11. Armenian Church

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Top view of the Armenian Church or St. Hripsime Church in Yalta

An incredibly beautiful building made of volcanic tuff. The luxurious facade is decorated with arched windows, painted domes with frescoes, and openwork ornaments. If you don't know where to go in Yalta, but are interested in architecture, book an excursion to this church with confidence.

12. Yalta Film Studio

Yalta Attractions: Top 27

Location for the film at the Yalta film studio Alexey Yushenkov

The main southern film set during the USSR. The date of creation of the film studio is 1917. Nowadays, only private companies work here, during excursions they show scenery for once shot films and talk about the fate of this legend.

Official website: http://yaltafilm. com/

13. Nikitsky Botanical Garden

Yalta Attractions: Top 27

A rose garden in the lower park of the Nikitsky Botanical Garden

An area of ​​280 hectares is dotted with a wide variety of varieties and types of crops (over 18,000 varieties). The object was created in 1812 according to the project of the naturalist Steven. You can visit the cactus greenhouse, olive and bamboo groves, look at plane trees, sequoias and cypresses, pines and ancient oaks. Walk along the paved paths.

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14. Yalta Embankment

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Lenin Embankment – the central walking street of Yalta

A long and wide pedestrian avenue stretching along the Black Sea coast. When visiting such interesting places in Yalta, you can enjoy the contemplation of natural beauties: numerous green spaces, mountain peaks. Along the waterfront line there are 19th century buildings with old facades: souvenir shops, shops, financial institutions, residential buildings and cafes. There are shops and sculptures under palm trees and coniferous trees. There are attractions for children of all ages.

15. Skazka Yalta Zoo

Yalta Attractions: Top 27

Entrance to the private Yalta zoo “Skazka” Barvenkovsky

A picturesque private zoo, set up on a landscaped square: there are fountains and sculptures, green plantings and multi-level terraces. The number of inhabitants exceeds one and a half thousand individuals – animals and birds are in extensive enclosures with glass panels and special nets. Guests are invited to meet bears, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, vultures, leopards, lions and many other pets of the menagerie.

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16. Yalta Crocodile

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Yalta crocodile farm or crocodile farm in Yalta

Relatively young object, whose inhabitants are reptiles, reptiles and freshwater. The territory is divided into thematic zones with aquariums and aviaries. In addition to numerous crocodiles, frogs, iguanas, pythons and turtles live here.

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17. Theater of Marine Animals “Aquatoria”

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Spectators in front of a spectacular show with marine animals at the Aquatoria Theater in Yalta Spider death

Incredible performances with marine animals are held in the theater. The heroes of the show perform a variety of tricks. If you wish, you can swim in the huge pool with dolphins. The entertainment center includes a unique aquarium with numerous Black Sea fish – from eels to stingrays.

Official website:

< h3> 18. Massandra Winery

Yalta Attractions: Top 27

The tower of the main wine cellar on the territory of the Massandra factory

A complex of buildings built in 1894, connected by seven underground tunnels, 150 meters long. The temperature in the cellars is +10 degrees. Celsius and there is a great variety of glass bottles and oak barrels of wine, including the most expensive and rare varieties of the drink. The Massandra complex includes a bar, a tasting room and a museum.

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19. House Museum Chekhov

Attractions Yalta: Top 27

Chekhov House Museum or Belaya Dacha in Yalta

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Exhibits in the house-museum of A.P. Chekhov in Yalta JanManu

Many sights of Crimea tell about the life of great Russian writers. And this object is no exception. Guests are offered walks in the courtyard, garden and white house, where Chekhov once wrote The Lady with the Dog, The Three Sisters and several other famous works. The trees towering in the garden were planted by Anton Pavlovich himself. The historical monument managed to survive the Second World War and the earthquake. A path leads from the building to the seashore – the best place to think about the eternal.

Official website: http://www.chekhov-yalta

20. Museum “Glade of Fairy Tales”

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Museum “Glade of Fairy Tales” – the best family vacation with children in nature in Yalta Spider death

Like some hotels in Yalta, this museum is located on top of the mountains. The complex has approximately three hundred original sculptures made of stone, bronze, metal, plaster and wood. Each object from a cartoon or a fairy tale is signed; remembering its name will not be difficult for a child. We recommend looking at the Izba on chicken legs – it turns its “face” towards the audience, and Baba Yaga appears on its porch. It is enough just to say the cherished words, and the design will come into action.

Yalta sights: what else to visit in Yalta?

If you have already seen all those sights of Yalta, the photos with the names and descriptions of which we have now given, pay attention to such objects as:

21. Roffe baths

Yalta Attractions: Top 27

Mauritanian white marble portal of the Roffe bath Vadim Indeikin

The building was built in 1897, among the visitors of which at one time were Chaliapin, Bunin and Chekhov. The white building is made in the Moorish style: with plaster moldings and lancet windows. The front part is decorated with ligature in Arabic. It should be noted that now a prestigious hotel is located in the house together with the baths.

22. Mount Ai-Petri

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Aerial view of Mount Ai-Petri in clear weather

On the way to the mountain top, you will be able to see an artificial lake, ideal for swimming on summer days, the Silver Pavilion and the Wuchang Su waterfall. Ai-Petri is one of the symbols of the city: incredible views of the entire Yalta and the Black Sea coast open from its peaks.

Official website:< /p>

23. Cable car “Yalta – Gorka”

Yalta Attractions: Top 27

View from one of the cabins in the direction of the upper station of the cable car “Yalta – Gorka” A.Savin

The road was opened in 1967. The cramped oval-shaped cabins can accommodate only two people. Buy a ticket and you can admire the roofs of ancient houses and tree crowns from the windows. At the end of the 600-meter path you will find a cafe, the Eternal Flame and an observation deck.

Official website:

24. Seaside Park. Gagarin

Attractions Yalta: Top-27

Pond in the Yalta Primorsky Park. Y. Gagarina Suomen Joutsen

An object of the 20th century, which placed on its territory a medical and preventive resort, several sanatoriums and hotels. There are about a hundred species of shrubs and trees in the park. You will have walks through pine groves and alleys of cypresses.

25. Tsarskaya (Sunny) path

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Tsarskaya (Sunny) trail near Gaspra Dimant

A 7 km hiking trail continues through a dense forest of juniper, beech and coniferous trees and a mountain range. There are no sharp descents or steep ascents on the trails with good asphalt – people of all ages can walk here. On the edge of a sheer cliff you will find a majestic rotunda with columns. In addition, there are benches for rest throughout the route.

Official website:

26. Wuchang Waterfall -Su

 Sights of Yalta: Top-27

Two cascade waterfall Uchan-Su on the slope of Mount Ai-Petri Amaga

A miracle of nature, a hundred meters high. Streams of water rush swiftly and continuously. In the air there are always the smallest splashes from the jets of the waterfall. Wuchang-Su is located in a resinous relict pine forest. Many trees have been growing here for centuries. The waterfall is formed by a mountain river: if you want to see it “in its full bloom”, come to Yalta in the first spring months (during heavy rainfall or after the glaciers of the river have melted). If you arrive at the waterfall in the summer, then, most likely, the natural attraction will disappoint you with its appearance – it will simply dry up.

Official website: http://yglpz.umi. en

27. Yalta Lighthouse

Sights of Yalta: Top 27

Yalta lighthouse on the edge of a concrete pier at the passenger port of Yalta

Date of construction – 19th century. The historical building was of great importance in the field of shipping, because. was the only reference point for the ships. Today, the lighthouse is still operating: its signal lights prevent ships from crashing against the concrete walls of the embankment and colliding with each other.

Arriving in Yalta, visit all the sights that we told you about. Your trip will be unforgettable. Read also about the sights of Bakhchisarai and be inspired for a further journey through the Crimea.

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