Sights of Odessa: Top-26

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

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After reading this review, you will learn about the best sights of Odessa. When compiling our rating, we took into account the reviews of experienced travelers. With our article, you will not have any difficulties with what to see in Odessa on vacation or on a business trip.

What to see in Odessa in the first place

It would be very long to list all the interesting places in Odessa. Therefore, we will tell you only about the most exciting and popular excursions in Odessa:

1. Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

View of the main portico of the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater Dezidor

The building of the city theater can be confidently called magnificent. Odessa Opera is the best option for where to go in Odessa for fans of architecture and art. The Viennese Baroque building dates back to the 19th century. We recommend that you explore the theater not only from the outside, but also from the inside. The main auditorium has unique acoustics – even in its remote corners, the whisper of a person from the stage will be clearly audible. The interior style is French Rococo.

Official website: http://www.opera.

2. Potemkin Stairs

Odessa attractions: Top 26

Odessa Boulevard Stairs leading to the Marine Station

One of the visiting cards of the city, which is also included in all lists of “main sights of Ukraine”. The design was created in the 19th century by order of Vorontsov. The prince ordered to build it as a gift to his beloved wife. The staircase leading to Primorsky Boulevard consists of almost 200 steps. Every tourist should climb it.

3. Monument to Duke de Richelieu

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Bronze monument to Duke (Duke) de Richelieu on Primorsky Boulevard in Odessa

Richelieu was the head and one of the founders of Odessa. It was thanks to his efforts that the city became the largest seaport. The monument is located at the top of the Potemkin Stairs. The figure often has romantic meetings, humorous events are held. In addition, it is believed that by touching the bag of money on the statue, you can become richer and more successful in business.

4. Deribasovskaya Street

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Deribasovskaya street is one of the central streets of the city of Odessa

The central pedestrian avenue of the city, which will allow you to feel the unique flavor of Odessa. No matter how short your trip is, you should definitely walk along Deribasovskaya Street with its boutiques, cafes, restaurants and the Passage. Here are the best hotels in Odessa. Most of the buildings were built in the 19th century. Many cottages that have survived to this day belonged to world famous personalities.

5. Primorsky Boulevard

Odessa attractions: Top 26

Primorsky Boulevard is a favorite place for the promenade of Odessans and tourists

You can get to the boulevard by climbing the Potemkin Stairs. Guides in Odessa are often advised to start exploring the city from this very place. From the boulevard you can admire the seaside station. The list of attractions here includes a museum with a glass dome, which houses the remains of an ancient Greek settlement.

See the beautiful places of Odessa in this wonderful video!

6. Vorontsov Palace

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Southeast facade of the Odessa Vorontsov Palace Sasha with M. Ar

The building was built in 1834 and belonged to members of the Vorontsov family. The residence was almost destroyed during the Crimean conflict. After the war with the Anglo-French army, only ruins remained of the palace. In the future, it was decided to restore the historic building and use it again as a residence for the governor. At one time, a men's gymnasium was also located here, and then a center for creativity for children.

7. Shah's Palace

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Neo-Gothic 19th-century Shah's Palace on Gogol Street in Odessa Mamita~commonswiki

​​A neo-Gothic architectural work of art that got its name from the fact that Muhammad Ali (Shah of Persia) lived here. The Persian king was forced to flee to the Ukrainian city in connection with the revolution in Iran. Today, the building, built in the 19th century, houses the offices of a private corporation.

8. Transfiguration Cathedral

Odessa attractions: Top 26

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral – the vowel Orthodox Cathedral of Odessa Alexostrov

The largest functioning church in the city for Orthodox parishioners is located on Cathedral Square. Initially, the building with beautiful snow-white walls was a modest temporary temple. The last restoration of the complex was carried out in the 20th century. If you want to see the best sights of Odessa, come here.

Official website:

9. Holy -Assumption Monastery

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Assumption Church on the territory of the Holy Dormition Patriarchal Monastery in Odessa Boris Mavlyutov

The temple has grown from the bishop's residence of the 19th century. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Soviet government decided to seize property and destroy all churches. However, this monastery managed to survive, despite the fact that schismatics took refuge in it. In 1944, a large-scale restoration was carried out. Two years later, the temple turned into the residence of the head of Orthodox Russian Christians.

Official website: http://uspen-

10. Passage

Odessa attractions: Top 26

Inner gallery of the Odessa “Passage” Alexostrov

A chic building of the 19th century is located at the intersection of Preobrazhenskaya and Deribasovskaya streets. Your trip to Odessa should certainly include a visit to the complex. The atmosphere of the courtyard is similar to the exterior of GUM in the capital of Russia. The Passage, with its glass domes, baroque sculptural compositions on the facades and ornate arched windows, houses shops, restaurants, indoor shopping arcades and a hotel.

11. Bolshaya Moskovskaya Hotel

< img title="Sights of Odessa: Top 26" src="/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/dostoprimechatelnosti-odessy-top-26-ef6e8f8.jpg" alt="Sights of Odessa: Top 26" />< /p> The luxurious five-story building of the Bolshaya Moskovskaya Hotel on Deribasovskaya Oleg Konstantinov

A well-known hotel complex built in the 20th century. The construction was carried out thanks to the financing of the company “Dementiev and Co.” The architectural style of the building, the rooms of which are still very popular with guests of the city, is modern.

12. Hotel Bristol

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

View of the hotel “Bristol” or “Red” from Pushkinskaya street in Odessa HOBOPOCC

Another historical building, created in the 19th century. According to the current classification, the hotel has five stars. At one time, it was considered the most luxurious and rich in the city. The last reconstruction here was carried out for 8 years (until 2010). The building was restored to its original appearance.

Official website: http://bristol-hotel

13. House-wall


Odessa Attractions: Top -26

General view of the “Witch's House” from the angle of the famous optical illusion Yuriy Kvach

An unusual architectural structure is located on Primorsky Boulevard. If you look at the building from a certain angle, it will seem to you that the house has no side walls. The original effect is created due to the triangular layout of the structure. Another name for the attraction is the Witch's House.

14. Falz-Fein House

Odessa attractions: Top 26

Openwork gates and a cozy courtyard in front of Falz-Fein's house in Odessa Yuriy Kvach

The building, decorated with sculptures of Atlanteans, on whose shoulders the vault of heaven rests, is considered one of the most beautiful architectural objects of the city. The sculptures are not bas-reliefs, they are separate elements. In previous years, the house was the property of the wealthy Falz-Fein family.

15. Odessa Museum of Western and Oriental Art

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Museum of Western and Eastern Art in the Palace of Count Alexander Mikhailovich Abaza Boris Mavlyutov

The museum complex, which began its work in 1923, carefully stores art objects from the collections of the Hermitage of St. Petersburg, the Kiev Museum and private expositions. The samples belong to various ancient eras.

Official website: http://www.oweamuseum

16. Odessa Art Museum

Odessa attractions: Top 26

Art Museum in the Naryshkin Palace in the center of Odessa Alex Levitsky & Dmitry Shamatazhi

The museum is open in the Potocki castle, built in the 19th century. The first items for the organization of the exposition came from the Art Academy of St. Petersburg. Currently, the exhibition halls contain exhibits of arts and crafts, graphics, art canvases and icons.

Official website: https://www.ofam

17. Archaeological Museum

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

A copy of the sculptural group “Laocoön and his sons” in front of the entrance to the Erud Archaeological Museum

The date of opening of the museum of archeology is the beginning of the 19th century. Now there are many exhibits that tell the history of the northern Black Sea region. In addition, in the museum funds you can see ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian samples, including mummies. Many items in the permanent collection were created during the Stone Age and the Middle Ages. Even if you are not fond of history, you should definitely visit such sights of Odessa.

Official website: http://archaeology

18. Odessa catacombs

Odessa Attractions: Top 26

The system of underground tunnels and labyrinths near Odessa and its environs Adam Jones

Not far from the city, in the settlement of Nerubayskoye, there are legendary catacombs, a couple of tens of kilometers long. They were notorious for their intricacies, among other things. This is a real artificially created underground labyrinth, the temperature in which never exceeds +14 degrees. Celsius. In the ornate tunnels, shell rock was mined, which is used to build most of the buildings in the city, in addition, partisans took refuge here. If you don't know what to see in Odessa in 1 day, but want to turn your trip into a real adventure, come here.

19. Teschin Bridge

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Locks of love on Teschin Bridge (until 2011) in Odessa Jans8

The highest pedestrian bridge in the city. The construction connects the Brzozovsky and Vorontsovsky palaces. Why does the attraction have such an unusual name? The fact is that its construction was carried out at the direction of M. Sinitsa. The head of the city regional committee often went to pancakes to his mother-in-law, who lived on the opposite side of the descent from his work. Of course, this is just an urban legend. Mother-in-law's holiday is organized annually on Teschiny Bridge. Romantic couples come here to hang a padlock and throw the keys into the sea, believing that this will help them keep strong feelings.

20. Monument to the sailor's wife

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Bronze sculptural composition on the territory of the Marine Station in Odessa V'yacheslav Ol

The sculpture is made in the form of a young woman with a child in her arms. The memorial complex was built over 15 years ago on the Odessa embankment in honor of the sailors who failed to return home from the battles. Despite the fact that the size of the monument is relatively small, this attraction has become one of the most favorite gathering places for tourists.

Sights of Odessa: what else to visit in Odessa?

We have listed those sights of Odessa, photos with names and descriptions that tourists are looking for most often. This is not the end of our recommendations. You should also visit:

21. Privoz Market

Odessa attractions: Top 26

Pryvoz is a famous large food market in Odessa Garik 11

The most famous trade center in the city, dating back to 1827. Initially, local shops offered mainly imported products, which gave the name to the market. After a large-scale reconstruction in the early 2000s, modern retail outlets and office buildings appeared on the market square.

22. City Park

Odessa attractions: Top 26

Rotunda and musical fountain on the territory of the City Park in the center of Odessa Boris Mavlyutov

From the very beginning of its existence, the city park has been used as a place for organizing and holding all kinds of concerts, meetings, major entertainment and political events. Today, guests of the city park also always have something to do in their free time: on the territory there is one of the 12 chairs, sculptures by Kisa Vorobyaninov and Ostap Bender, Utesov. As well as the original perfume fountain, which sprays not ordinary water, but a liquid with a wonderful fresh aroma. The attraction is popular with guests and residents of Odessa at any time of the year.

23. Shevchenko Park

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Monument to the poet T.G. Shevchenko in the Shevchenko Central Park of Culture and Leisure Alexostrov

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Ferris wheel in the City Amusement Park named after Taras Shevchenko Artemka

A park complex with many modern and completely safe rides – various types of carousels, labyrinths, a Ferris wheel and a roller coaster. Entertainment is designed not only for kids, but also for adults. Clowns and animators dressed as popular cartoon and fairy-tale characters work on the territory.

24. Odessa Zoo

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Central Gate of the Odessa Zoo PhotoDoom

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

Birds of Prey in the Odessa Zoo

The city menagerie is one of the largest and oldest in the whole country. Now the number of its inhabitants exceeds 2 thousand animals. The best option of what to visit in Odessa with the whole family. In addition to the “familiar” animals, such as macaques and lions with elephants, there are also real exotics – zebras, pelicans and leopards. Amphibians, reptiles and fish from the tropics swim in huge aquariums.

Official website:

25. Odessa Dolphinarium “Nemo »

Sights of Odessa Odessa: Top-26

Square with fountains in front of the Nemo Dolphinarium near Lanzheron Beach Dmitry Vankevich

Odessa attractions: Top 26

Trained dolphins in the Odessa Dolphinarium “Nemo” durik1980

The opening date of the dolphinarium is 2005. Among the available entertainment are watching show programs with marine “actors”, swimming with dolphins, diving and attending dolphin therapy courses. The latter is especially recommended for citizens with a weak nervous system.

Official website:http://www.nemo.

26. Arcadia resort area

Sights of Odessa: Top 26

“Arcadia” beach on the Black Sea in the Primorsky district of Odessa Boris Mavlyutov

Zone is a fashionable Odessa district, which is home to the best entertainment venues, including night-to-morning clubs, luxury residences and hotels, fashion boutiques and restaurants. You can also come to Arcadia to visit the park with a singing fountain, palm trees, cafes and wonderful sculptures. And also for a visit with the whole family to a wonderful water park with a large number of pools and water attractions.

We told you briefly about the main attractions of Odessa. You should definitely see any of them with your own eyes. Read also about the sights of Kyiv and be inspired for further travel around Ukraine.

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