Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

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After reading our review of “the main attractions of Madrid”, each tourist will be able to create a fascinating excursion route for himself. We will tell you about what to see in Madrid, based on the reviews and recommendations of experienced travelers and guides.

First things to see in Madrid

Excursions in Madrid are so diverse and numerous that you can easily get confused in their choice. If you want to make an unforgettable and educational trip, your trip should include sightseeing of such objects as:

1. Royal Palace

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Plaza of Arms in front of the main entrance of the Jean Royal Palace -Pierre Dalbera

An architectural monument that deserves to be included in the rating of “the main attractions of Spain“. The majestic and beautiful residence of the kings, in which all kinds of solemn meetings and receptions are held to this day. The building of the palace, often compared with Versailles in Paris, is located on the coast of Manzanares. The facade is lined with marble and stone, the interiors of the interior halls are decorated with exquisite sculptural compositions, gilded furniture, Flemish tapestries, crystal chandeliers and ancient frescoes. Guests are invited to view the collection of Stradivari violins, jewelry of the ruling Spanish dynasty, weapons and ancient clocks.

Official website: http://www.patrimonionacional

2. Cibeles Palace and Fountain

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Fountain and the magnificent building of the Palace of Communications in Plaza Sabeles

Both the first and the second are located on the main square of the city – Plaza de Cibeles. The date of the construction of the palace is the beginning of the 20th century, the monumental fountain is the 18th century. Such interesting places in Madrid should be visited, first of all, by fans of history and architectural masterpieces.

Official website:

3. Las Ventas Arena

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Arena Las Ventas – a monumental red building in the Salamanca quarter

More than 90 years ago, the largest bullfighting site in Spain was created on Alcala Avenue. The view of this attraction of Madrid is striking in its luxury and grandeur: the arena can accommodate over 23,000 guests, its diameter is more than 60 meters. The object is decorated with vaulted arches and ceramic decorations. If you do not know what to visit in Madrid in March-October, but are fond of bullfights and bullfighter performances, buy a ticket for a bullfight. You can also visit the local museum, or become a spectator of concerts, sports and festivals held here.

4. Alcalá Gate

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Alcalá Gate – a granite monument on Independence Square

The gates have several small and three large side spans. The neoclassical facade is richly decorated with sculptures and a table with the name of Charles III. The monumental structure was erected in the heart of the city – on Independence Square.

Official website:

5. Gran Vía

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

The Metropolis building is decorated with a dome with a statue of Nika's victory on Gran Vía

Where to go in Madrid for free? On the main boulevard of the capital, which “never falls asleep.” The street, equipped in 1910, stretches through the entire city center and invites you to visit numerous malls, restaurants and boutiques. Gran Vía's most famous landmark is the Telefónica (formerly the tallest building in Europe).

Official site:

See magnificent views of Madrid in this beautiful video!

6. Plaza Mayor

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Plaza Mayor in the evening twilight Sebastian Dubiel

Also one of the main squares of the Spanish city, made in the form of a quadrangle. Around the perimeter it is surrounded by about 135 original buildings – with images of magical creatures on the facades, with arches and balconies. In the center of the square, a sculpture of Philip III in bronze was erected. In previous years, public executions and bullfights were held here. Today, artists perform at the Plaza Mayor, city celebrations, fairs, shows and carnivals are organized. These best sights of Madrid will interest both fans of modernity and connoisseurs of history.

Official website:

7. Square Puerta del Sol

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Panorama of Puerta del Sol

Just like the largest hotels in Madrid, this square does not stop for a minute. The territory is made in the shape of a crescent: standing on its zero kilometer, tourists make wishes. The surrounding streets have a large number of restaurants and cafes serving national cuisine. At night, Puerta del Sol is illuminated by three hundred protectors: in their light, the fountains and monuments of the square seem like fabulous decorations.

Official website: https://www.esmadrid. com/en

8. Gates of Europe

Madrid's Top 25 Attractions

“Gate of Europe” – leaning twin towers in Plaza de Castilla Bjaglin from

The modern symbol of the city is two glass “falling” skyscrapers, 115 meters high. The buildings are inclined towards each other, and form a kind of gate. On the roofs there are platforms for helicopters. The object was developed by architects from the USA. During the construction, innovative materials and technologies were used. On the eve of Christmas, the main Christmas tree of Spain is installed between the skyscrapers. In addition, incredible light shows are held here every year.

Official website: https://www.esmadrid.

9. Royal Theater

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Eastern Square in front of the Royal Opera House Luis García (Zaqarbal)

The building was built in the middle of the 19th century and has since been considered the main opera stage in Spain. Numerous revolutions and wars have repeatedly destroyed the theater, turning it into a warehouse, a venue for important meetings, and a military barracks. Since 1997, only operas and other musical performances have been staged.

Official website:

10. Almudena Cathedral

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

The majestic Almudena Cathedral is dedicated to the Virgin Mary of Almudena Bernard Gagnon

The temple, erected in memory of the patroness of Madrid – St. Mary of Almuden, decorated with stained glass windows, a giant 75-meter dome and a facade of blue-gray literate stone. The building is located opposite the Royal Palace. The complex includes a large observation deck that allows you to see the entire panorama of the city. Inside the temple is a majestic emerald green marble altar.

Official site: http://museocatedral.

11. Descalzas Reales Monastery


Madrid Attractions: Top 25

The monastery of “barefoot princesses” was founded for girls from the aristocratic families of Zaqarbal

What to see in Madrid in 1 day for a religious person? One of the main shrines of the capital is the magnificent temple of Descalzas Reales. Of interest is both the architectural component of the object and its rich history. At one time it was the 4th most important monastery in Spain.

Official website: http://www.patrimonionacional

12. Escorial Monastery


Madrid Attractions: Top -25

The architectural ensemble “Royal Monastery of El Escorial” Turismo Madrid Consorcio Turístico

The temple is equipped near the Sierra Nevada, and was previously a residence for royal families. The construction of a severe fortress lasted more than 21 years. Luxurious and luxurious interior design contrasts with the laconic and rather simple facade of the building. The interior halls contain the remains of all the kings of Spain (since Charles V).

Official website: http://monasteriodelescorial.

13. Santiago Bernabéu Stadium< /h3>

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Santiago Bernabéu stadium and stands

If you are passionate about football, and especially Real Madrid games, you should definitely visit this famous stadium. By the way, guides in Madrid also recommend it because the national team of the country conducts its training here. The capacity is over 80,000 guests.

Official website:

14. Warner Brothers Amusement Park

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

The popular theme park Warner Brothers Pablo Costa Tirado (…

On an area of ​​fifty hectares, there is a unique park with thematic zones: a film studio, the Wild West, the World of Superheroes, the town of Cartoons, etc. Each zone hosts its own shows and performances, rides for visitors of all ages.

Official website: https://www.parquewarner.

15. Buen Retiro Park

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

A small lake and a monument to Alfonso XII in the Retiro Park

The best place for those who want to relax from the hustle and bustle. The park's own attractions: a branch of the Prado Museum, a pavilion made of crystal and metal, which hosts exhibitions of artists, and the sculptural group “The Fall of an Angel”. In addition, there is an artificial lake and boat rental. It is easy to get to the park, located in the central part of the capital.

Official website:

16. Casa de Campo

Attractions Madrid: Top 25

Cableway in the Casa de Campo Park

A no less spacious green area, this time away from the city center. Paseo de Gastronomy, attractions, a dolphinarium, an aquarium and a zoo are open for vacationers.

Official website:

17. Museum of America

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

National Museum of America, dedicated to the discovery of the American continent Luis García (Zaqarbal)

All museum exhibits tell about the discovery of America, the life and culture of its natives before the continent was conquered by the Spaniards. You can see examples of colonial era art, weapons of the conquistadors, personal items of Indian tribes.

Official website:

18. Prado Museum

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Madrid's Prado Museum on Boulevard des Arts

The national symbol of the country, which houses over 500 statues and about 8,000 works of art. Including paintings by Rubens and Bosch. Many paintings were taken from the personal collections of the Spanish monarchs.

Official website: https://www.museodelprado.

19. Reina Sofia Center for the Arts

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

National Museum Reina Sofia Art Center Zarateman

The first thing you will notice is the original glass elevator adjoining the facade of the center and led out onto the street. The second is a zinc-aluminum red canopy. The collections feature the works of avant-garde artists of Spain of the 20th century. Temporary installations are also held in the exhibition spaces. The key painting of the museum is Guernica. For the Spaniards, this is the most famous painting by Picasso's hands. In addition, visitors can view works by Salvador Dali, sculptures and artistic creations by Miro.

Official website:

20. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Exposition of paintings in the hall of the Thyssen-Bornemisza Kostas Limitsios Museum

Guests of the exhibition halls are invited to view a chic exhibition of paintings. The canvases were created by various masters over the course of 8 centuries. All masterpieces are the property of the Spanish state.

Official website: https://www.museothyssen

Madrid attractions: what else to visit in Madrid?

We told you about the main attractions of Madrid briefly. If after visiting them you have free time, devote it to visiting such monuments of history and architecture as:

21. National Library of Spain

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Main public library on the boulevard Paseo de Recoletos

Over the three centuries of work in the building, more than 26,000,000 works have been collected, created thanks to writing and printing presses. There are not only old book volumes here, but also unique posters, original scores, magazines, prints and maps.

Official website: /Inicio/

22. Temple of Debod

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Gate and temple of Debod at dawn

Not far from the Royal Palace, in the central part of the Oeste Park, there is the most unusual attraction of the capital. The temple complex was erected in honor of Isis (the goddess of Egypt) and was formerly located on the banks of the Nile River. Many years ago, during the construction of a dam in Egypt, it was decided to move a couple of architectural and historical values ​​- otherwise they would have been destroyed by a flood. The Spanish authorities decided to help Egypt in the construction, for which they received this beautiful temple from the hot country as a token of gratitude.

Official website:

23. Atocha Train Station

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

Tropical garden in the old building of the Atocha railway station

The largest railway station in the country got its name in memory of Atocha (the temple of Our Lady is located nearby). The first building of 1851 has not been preserved, now instead of it there is a mall with an exotic garden, a restaurant, boutiques and a nightclub. A beautiful modern terminal handles high-speed commuter and intercity trains. The sad glory of the sights was brought by terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of a large number of people. In memory of them, a memorial was opened at the station.

Official website: https://www.esmadrid

24. El Rastro Flea Market

Madrid attractions: Top 25

El Rastro open-air flea market victorgrigas

The largest, most visited and famous bazaar in the capital, which has over 35,000 outlets. The list of products that can be purchased at local stalls can be endless. There are the most incredible goods here. Pay special attention to unusual, rare and valuable items offered in antique shops. You can compare the market with a giant flea market. However, a huge amount of “trash” can give customers an incredible surprise, for example, in the form of beautiful vintage clothing and accessories. Don't forget about bargaining. Even if you are not in the mood for shopping, come here for the unique and colorful atmosphere of Spain.

25. San Miguel Market

Madrid Attractions: Top 25

San Miguel Market – the gastronomic mecca of Madrid Herry Lawford

A bright gastronomic market where you can taste and buy any delicacies and food products. Spices, herbs, jamon, fresh oysters served with a glass of sparkling drink. At each stall you will be offered a tasting opportunity (however, you should not abuse it, treat the local merchants with respect).

Official website: http://www.mercadodesanmiguel

We are sure that those sights of Madrid, photos with names and descriptions of which you have just seen, aroused your genuine interest. Come to the hospitable Spanish capital and order the services of experienced guides. With them, your excursions will be even more exciting. Read also about the sights of Malaga and be inspired to travel further in Spain.

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