Budget hotels in Turkey with 4 and 5 stars

4 and 5 star budget hotels in Turkey

When planning to spend a vacation abroad, almost everyone wants to save money, and a variety of budget hotels in Turkey allow you to do this without compromising the quality of service. It's no secret that the ratio of the cost of living, rooms and service level is not always optimal. Even in a five-star hotel, you can be rude, or it turns out that large-scale construction is going on right under your windows. Therefore, when choosing an accommodation option, it makes sense to look for something inexpensive, but with good reviews from tourists.

It is difficult to recommend a specific budget hotel in Turkey, not knowing who and for how long is going to rest, because Families, couples and young people have completely different requirements. We have tried to collect up-to-date information about those hotels that are considered the best in terms of price for the main groups of tourists. Beforehand, I would like to note those factors that in general may affect the cost of placement:

    location (proximity to discos, city center, sea, attractions, etc.); features of the beach area (free sun loungers and umbrellas, private area, safe entry into the water, sand or pebbles); the size of the adjacent territory and the number of rooms – there are, of course, budget hotels in Turkey with a large territory, but it is easier to find an economy option among small hotels;

Budget hotels in Turkey with 4 and 5 stars

The cozy interior of the hotel Vadim Indeikin

    season – during the off-season, prices can drop by 30-50%, but you need to understand that no one guarantees you good weather, warm sea and an abundance of entertainment; the number of entertainment and options included in the cost of living – you can save a lot if you find an option without animation programs, swimming pools, daily room service, etc. (but will the rest in such a hotel be comfortable?); hotel hype – staying at a hotel of a well-known chain is almost always (except for some special cases or special offers) more expensive, so think about whether it is worth paying more just for the “name”.

Rating of budget youth hotels in Turkey

At the service of young people who are primarily interested in discos, clubs and other obligatory attributes of an active nightlife, various budget hotels in Turkey with 4 and 5 stars. What they have in common is their proximity to entertainment centers and a lively atmosphere, as well as ample opportunities for outdoor activities within and around the hotel. Among the best:

Sentido Lykia Resort & Spa 5* in Fethiye.

Elite Hotel Bodrum 4* in Bodrum.

Marmaris Resort & Spa 5* in Marmaris.

Ananas Hotel 4* in Antalya.

Baia Lara Hotel 5* in Antalya.

These are not all the best budget hotels in Turkey for students and fans of fun holidays, but they can be called the most popular, as evidenced by reviews on thematic forums.

4 and 5 star budget hotels in Turkey< /p> View of the stunning beach at Mr. M. Canbalaban

Turkey's best 5-star budget hotels

It is generally accepted that accommodation in a five-star hotel is affordable only for show business stars, wealthy businessmen, famous athletes and politicians. In practice, it is quite possible to find budget hotels in Turkey, for example, in Kemer. It offers vacationers Imperial Hotel Beldibi 5 * – a chic budget hotel, which is located at a distance of 50 meters from the beach, which received the Blue Flag. Other options suitable for travelers on a budget with high demands include:

    Blue Bay Platinum 5* in Marmaris; MC Park Beach Resort 5* in Alanya; Armonia Holiday Village&amp;Spa 5* in Kemer; lake &amp; Riverside Hotel &amp; Spa 5* in Side.

The order of prices for a week's vacation in the listed hotels starts from 750 to 900 dollars, including flights and airport transfers. Having paid money, travelers can count on all-inclusive meals, respectively, additional expenses will be reduced to buying souvenirs and paying for excursions.

Budget hotels in Turkey with 4 and 5 stars

Panorama of the hotel complex in Turkey Karim Jamal

Top budget hotels in Turkey in 2018 with slides and other attractions for children

A real headache for parents is to search for a budget hotel in Turkey for families with children, especially if you want to find an option with a water park or at least a couple of water slides. But nothing is impossible! We present to your attention those 4 and 5 star hotel complexes that meet almost all the requirements of modern families:

Marti Myra 5* in Kemer.

Crystal Admiral Resort Suites & SPA 5* in Side.

Club Tuana 5* in Fethiye (it even has its own mini-zoo, where kids will definitely like it!).

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Petunya Beach Resort 4*in Bodrum.

Lykia World Antalya Links & Golf Resort 5 * in Belek, where they provide a baby bed and a baby monitor for free when staying with a child under 3 years old.

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