Attractions of Hainan Island: Top 25

Hainan Island Attractions : Top 25

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If you are interested in the best attractions in Hainan Island, take a close look at this review. We have compiled our own rating of what every tourist should see on Hainan Island. Use our recommendations and your trip will be unforgettable.

What is the first thing to see on Hainan Island?

What should you definitely visit on Hainan Island? In our opinion, the following excursions on Hainan Island deserve your close attention:

1. Nanshan Buddhism Center

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

108-meter white statue of the three-faced Goddess of Mercy in the center of Buddhism “Nanshan”

One of the main attractions of the center itself is a golden statue of Buddha, adorned with jewels. Due to its dimensions and weight (140 kg), it is the largest in Asia. In the complex of the center there are: a park for meditation, a longevity alley and a temple. In addition, guests will be invited to admire unique treasures such as a vessel of purity or a bell for purification of the mind. Not far from the center there is a tourist trade zone: you can buy souvenirs, clothes and shoes. You will also be given the opportunity to buy turtles, fish and birds. You can set living beings free, securing happiness and long life. Every tourist should see such sights of China with their own eyes.

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2. Phoenix Island

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Night illumination of futuristic skyscrapers on Phoenix Island

Interested in the best attractions on Hainan Island, classified as luxury class? Then arrange for yourself a trip along the 400-meter bridge to Phoenix Island – this is where you will be offered an elite vacation. The territory is covered with modern skyscrapers, prestigious sports complexes, yacht clubs, restaurants and boutiques. Reviews about staying in Phoenix are consistently enthusiastic.

3. Dongshan Safari Park

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Predatory animals in the safari area Dongshan Park on Hainan Island

Like many other important sights on the island of Hainan, this one appeared at the end of the 20th century. On the spacious territory you can meet a variety of inhabitants: lions and crocodiles, monkeys and parrots, rare black swans and exotic ostriches. We recommend that you visit such interesting places on Hainan Island as a family.

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4. Museum Hainan

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Parking for cars, motorcycles and bicycles in front of the entrance to the Hainan Museum 川号子

Describing the main attractions on the island of Hainan briefly, one cannot help but talk about this museum of the late 20th century. It is located in an ancient building designed by prominent Chinese architects of the past centuries. The museum collections include samples of ceramics and neuritis, pearls and other jewelry, elegant porcelain figurines and bronze figurines. In addition, the exhibition halls store things made of bamboo and bone, ancient clothes and scrolls from various eras.

5. Li and Miao Ethnographic Village

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Traditional Li and Miao Folk Village Buildings

What to see on Hainan Island in 1 day? His folklore complex, located in the Benlan Valley. Not far from the center of ethnography, there is a beautiful park where you can hide from the scorching summer heat. The village is not inhabited – it is just a popular object of tourist infrastructure. The workers of the complex will tell you about the life of the aborigines in the old days, and offer you to taste national cuisine.

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See the beautiful places of the island Hainan in this wonderful video!

6. Yalong Bay

Sights of Hainan Island: Top 25

View from the mountain to the picturesque bay of Yalong Bay of the South China Sea

Translated from Chinese, the name of the colorful bay sounds like “dragon coast”. Surrounded by tropical greenery, snow-white beach lines, mountains and forests, this paradise is home to some of the most luxurious hotels on Hainan Island.

7. Dadonghai Bay

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Sanya city with hotels on the beach in Dadonghai Bay in Hainan

If on vacation you dream of a well-developed infrastructure and wonderful beaches, guides on Hainan Island will certainly advise you to go here. The tropical corner is famous for its gourmet treats in numerous restaurants, round-the-clock open-air discos, nightclubs, diving and sea fishing centers. Life here does not stop for a minute, despite the fact that Dadonghai Bay began to develop as a resort place no more than 15 years ago.

8. Deer Turned Its Head Park

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Luheitou High Mountain Scenic Park lienyuan lee

Where to go on Hainan Island will be interesting for both adults and children? To this incredible park complex, named after the sculpture of a deer installed here. In the evening, bright lights begin to burn near the trees, arbors and alleys. On the territory there are several observation platforms with bridges and balconies, cafes with European and exotic dishes, souvenir shops. You can take unique photos of local panoramas or order your portrait or cartoon to the artist. The inhabitants of the park are birds and monkeys. The latter, without fear, approach numerous tourists for treats.

9. Monkey Island

Sights of Hainan Island: Top 25

View from the funicular to the sea, mountains, tropical monkey island in Hainan Lucius Kwok

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Monkeys by the pool at Monkey Sanctuary Island in Hainan Lucius Kwok

The largest nature reserve in China where primates are bred. In general, on the island of a thousand hectares there are over 2 thousand monkeys. A trip here will give you great pleasure.

10. Pearl Museum

Attractions of Hainan Island: Top 25

Pearls are the pride of Hainan Island

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Products made of pearls and other precious stones in the store of the Pearl Museum

About 20 years ago, the Jingrun concern, engaged in the extraction and processing of pearls, founded its own museum complex. You will be able to view the presented jewelry, as well as purchase your favorite pieces in a local store. Pearls are distinguished by consistently high quality and beauty, but are offered at a very affordable price.

11. Crystal Museum

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

An exhibit at the Museum of Crystal

The largest museum center of the island and the entire state, covering an area of ​​over 4 thousand square meters. meters. The huge pavilion presents a variety of mineralogical expositions: semi-precious stones and shining crystal.

12. Butterfly Park

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Butterfly Gorge is filled with bright and colorful butterflies

The attraction is located in the picturesque Yalun Bay, and offers an acquaintance with a unique collection of butterflies from different parts of the world. After visiting the exhibition center, you can look into the gorge itself: there are also a large number of butterflies and valuable plants.

13. Bird World Park

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Parrots in the vibrant green of Bird World's rainforest

The largest park complex for birds in the whole country. There are about 200 varieties of singing and talking inhabitants. Guests can walk alongside free-flying birds along the well-equipped alleys of tropical thickets.

14. Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Garra rufa fish pool for skin exfoliation at Zhujiang Nantian Hot Springs Graham Hills

Healing thermal springs have been popular with the people of China for more than one hundred years. Arriving on the island, you can visit this modern wellness center and its 36 pools of water with different composition and temperature. In addition, the complex includes salons with spa services, national tea houses, outdoor cafes, a traditional restaurant and a small hotel.

15. Mount Wuzhishan

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Top of Mount Wuzhishan against the backdrop of snow-white clouds Anna Frodesiak

The shape of this attraction resembles a palm with five spread fingers. The mountain range has a height of almost 1.9 thousand meters at its peak. There are a large number of trekking paths on the square – they lead to several peaks of the mountain. The territory of Wuzhishan is covered with fragrant tropical plants. For example, more than 50 varieties of orchids grow here.

16. Ma An Volcano

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Ma An Volcano National Geopark on Hainan Island 川号

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Model of the park and surroundings in one of the educational pavilions 川号子

Sights of Hainan Island: Top 25

Below is a small platform and a crater densely overgrown with lush vegetation 川号子

It is located in the national park of the same name. Due to the fact that the slopes of the volcano are strewn with almost impassable tropics, conquering it is both interesting and difficult at the same time. For travelers, natural steps made of cooled lava are “laid”. Therefore, it is still possible to get to the most millennia-old crater. There are restaurants and a museum on the slopes. On the way to the top, you can rest on small benches.

17. Xinglong Botanical Garden

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Xinglong Botanical Garden Resting Corner

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Jackfruit fruits – the “queen of fruits” in Xinglong Botanical Garden

The territory of the botanical garden is 80 hectares. In the past, it was owned by the university, which worked on the conservation and study of unique plants. Today you can see not only decorative plantings, but also fruits and vegetables, black pepper, vanilla and coffee trees. There is a shop with local products for guests.

18. Oceanarium and Marine Zoo

Sights of Hainan Island: Top 25

Sharks and a stingray among other marine life in a large Oceanarium in Hainan

Various animals and even birds, including exotic ones, live in the marine zoo. Visitors to the zoo complex and the oceanarium can see fish that are not in giant, but in small aquariums. And also enjoy spectacular performances with the participation of crocodiles, dolphins and sea lions.

19. Heavenly Grottoes Taoist Park

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

The path in the Taoist Heavenly Grottoes Park runs next to the sea

An extensive landscape area with marvelous grottoes, sacred Chinese trees and many winding caves. We remind you that, according to Taoist philosophers, grottoes are the gates to another universe. In the park you can visit the Temple Complex of the Lord of the Dragon World. Please note that the place is sacred – and you should come here in proper form so as not to hurt the feelings of followers of Taoism and pilgrims from different parts of the state.

Official website: http://ru.

Hainan attractions: what else to visit on Hainan Island?

If you have already seen all those sights on Hainan Island, photos with names and descriptions of which we have now given, order excursions to the following sites:

20. World's End Park

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

White beach and large smooth boulders on the seashore in World's End Park Huangdan2060

According to ancient history, once a girl and a young man, madly in love with each other, turned into stones on the coast. Soon other boulders began to appear near them. A beautiful park was created on the shore, in which each stone has its own beautiful name. If you want to have a quiet time, meditate and enjoy the bewitching panoramas, come here by all means.

Official website:

21. Yanoda Rainforest

Sights of Hainan Island: Top 25

Fog in the rainforest of the Yanoda National Park

A unique forest artificially divided into the Valley of Dreams and the Valley of the Jungle, similar to the tropics. A key feature of the protected area is that the roots of the trees are on the surface of the soil, and not inside it. The trees themselves create four levels above the ground.

22. Pirate Island

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

White sand coastline of Pirate Island

Rather modest in size, however, a very visited island, a few square meters in size. You can get to it by buying a ticket or renting a boat from Hainan. It will take you no more than half an hour to travel by water. Due to the fact that the island began to become famous as a tourist attraction not so long ago, nature here still retains its untouched charm. Literally the entire territory is tropical forests. Guests are offered the opportunity to relax on the pristine beaches and look at the coral reefs near the coastline.

23. West Island or Sidao Island

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

West Island of Hainan

You can get to the island using a motorboat or boat. This place is especially loved by diving enthusiasts. The facility is surrounded by dense coral reefs inhabited by exotic fish and creatures. The water here is transparent, due to which the visibility in it is close to ideal.

24. Chinese tea ceremony

Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

The tea ceremony ritual is designed to bring people together and create a cozy atmosphere

Having ordered a tea ceremony, you can learn how to properly (according to Chinese centuries-old traditions) brew and serve an aromatic drink. It should be noted that Hainan Island, with its hot climate and excellent environmental conditions, is of great national importance in the manufacture and export of tea to various countries in Asia and around the world.

25. Jade Belt Beach

< p>Hainan Island Attractions: Top 25

Vacationers on the Jade Belt Beach HNPIX~commonswiki

​​A tens of meters wide coastline covered with pure white sand separates the Wanquanhe River from the South China Sea. The beach is known for being listed in the Guinness Book of Records due to its unusual landscape. If your goal of visiting the island is to give yourself an unforgettable relaxing holiday, there is no better place to visit.

We hope that the attractions of Hainan that we have just told you about have aroused your interest . When planning your trip to the island, be sure to include them in your tour itinerary. After visiting Hainan, be sure to visit Hong Kong! We have prepared for you an overview of the best sights of Hong Kong to inspire you on your further trip to China.

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